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Session Rates

Emotional Healing Therapy…allows you to ‘love you life’ by identifying, releasing, and forgiving whatever is holding you back from being your authentic self and living your dream!

We discover the root issues, help you release significant hurts, and eliminate the body’s automatic negative responses.

This increases your capacity to love more, forgive easily, and create overflowing success in your life, work, and relationships.

Personal Sessions ( All Ages )

 Couples & Families

Businesses & Organizations 

Business Consulting

A typical Emotional Healing Therapy session lasts about 1.25 hours. Amazing healing is experienced after your first session.

Approximately 4 sessions will address your foundational issues. Special rates are available for packages of four.

Phone and Video sessions are available, too.

$150/single session

4 session commitment: $125/each

(Pre-pay package of 4 only $400)